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Hi, welcome to the  ALL THINGS WEST! blog. This is where I will post things of interest that I run across as I engage in research for my western novels. Of course, the first thing that should be posted in an all things west blog is an interview with Mr. Charles West. Said interview notwithstanding, this first post will deal with a minor introduction of the writer of westerns whose name is not West. Namely, me. Richard Bonham Waters.

As any reader of westerns will be quick to recognize, I do not as of yet have any of my exciting and daring tomes on display at the local bookstore. Why is that, one such person is sure to wonder. Surely a writer of westerns would have westerns available for perusal and, by golly, for purchase. The long and the short of it is, dear reader, that said manuscripts are anxiously awaiting their turn on the editor’s desk.

While we wait for due process and all the nitty-gritty business of getting from my fingers into your hands, we will explore the past together. I plan to post all manner of interesting tidbits in this blog. I will showcase Madam Featherlegs, the only prostitute in the U.S. who has a monument erected in her memory. Also on display in this blog will be the rip roaring Cheyenne – Deadwood Stage Line,  a bit about Mr. Samuel Colt, a turn with Native Americans, the cooking of rabbits, Calamity Jane and a whole lot more.

Stay tuned and check in often. I’m promising a hell of a ride.

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