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Synopsis Of My Novel, “Cottonwood Justice”

Our two heroines meet at Fort Laramie, Wyoming in the early spring of 1878. Both are on separate heroic expeditions to bring the murderers of their loved ones to justice. Having exhausted their funds, the two women pair up to manage a way station along the Cheyenne/Black Hills trail as a means of securing monies in order continue on their missions.

Over the span of the next six months the two women, Josephine Becker (Jo) and Katherine Baine (Katie), breathe life into the Way Station with delicious meals and hand-crafted furniture. They form friendships and even procure a makeshift family when they rescue two abused teenagers, Ann Harms and Manuel Martinez, from their abusers.

In her journey’s Jo learns that she can protect herself despite the fact that she does not know how to handle a gun. Using a frying pan, tin plate, or a coffeepot for defense, she states with her actions as well as her words that injustice will not be tolerated where she is concerned. Katie learns to trust people again as she realizes that in order to meet her goal for justice, the best solution is to enlist the aid of her friend. With her fine shooting skills and quick-thinking, she thwarts more than just the progress of the outlaws that her bead was originally drawn on.

Together or separate, both women lead an action-packed life of rescuing the abused, stopping stage robberies, shooting wanted criminals, preventing a bank robbery, and even saving the life of a courtesan.

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